The key to good UHF pictures

Most UHF reception problems are due to the use of an inadequate aerial system or its poor location or installation. The strength of UHF signals varies a great deal depending upon how far away you are from the local transmitter, and the amount of screening from intervening hills and buildings. The weaker the signal, the more important is the need for a really effective aerial correctly positioned and aligned on the transmitter. An important part of the aerial system is the special cable (‘coaxial cable’) which links the aerial to your receiver. Different cables vary in efficiency, and it is most important for UHF reception that your aerial installer fits a good low-loss cable. A special leaflet ‘Good Viewing of Independent Television’, available from the ITA Engineering Information Service, gives full advice on aerials and other factors which help you to obtain good colour or black-and-white reception of ITA stations.

THE LIBERACE SHOW. Liberace with guest Anita Harris. (ATV)